Andrés Mellado

Stream Ecologist, Tragsatec, Madrid, Spain
About me

I majored in Biology by the University of Murcia (June 1998). I have always been fascinated with ecology, which leaded me to join the Inland-Waters Ecology Lab (in the Department of Ecology and Hydrology) while I still was an undergraduate student. During my early work years I was involved in various tasks, such as field sampling, macroinvertebrate sorting and identification, or chemical analysis.

My name is Andrés Mellado-Díaz. I got my PhD in Ecology (July 2005) in the University of Murcia (Spain).

Following my graduation, I developed my PhD Thesis (July 2005, University of Murcia) on the ecology and distribution patterns of aquatic invertebrates in the Segura River basin (a semi-arid basin in SE Spain), their use as indicators of ecosystem functioning and ecological status, along with the relationships of their habitat with their ecological and biological traits. During my first 4-yr grant period, I did four research stays: University of Cardiff (with Steve Ormerod), The University of Sheffield (with Lorraine L. Maltby) , University of New England (with Andrew J. Boulton) and Auburn University (with Jack W. Feminella). During this time and later on, I also worked in several projects related to the implementation of the European Water Framework Directive in Spain. After this period I make some research on marine ecology (basic oceanography, ecology of marine phytoplankton, etc.) in a R+D project on desalination.

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